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Holiday Shopping


We maintain a small but nice selection of jewelry. If we have something you need you can save a bundle by buying from us. Rest assured you are getting great value when buying from us. We don’t operate like the chain stores and a lot of the jewelry stores by marking everything up and then having a “phony” sale every other month. We only have one price and that’s our everyday “great” price!

Pawn at the Holidays


The holiday season brings extraordinary expenses, which can create stress.

Even the most financially sound people find themselves short of money during the holidays.

Here are some reasons to pawn items for the holidays:

  • Get cash now for gifts and necessities without relying on credit cards
  • You may be a couple of weeks away from getting your Christmas bonus, which means you´ll soon have money to repay the pawn loan
  • Make the most of seasonal sales and discounts by getting money now
  • Maybe this hasn’t been the greatest year: the loss of a job or medical bills made it more difficult, but a pawn loan will help you get through. For sure things will be better next year!