Have fine jewelry and want to know “what it’s really worth”??? We’re the ones to see! At Joe Flynn & Quality Pawn, we have bought and sold single loose diamonds in excess of $30,000, fine pieces of jewelry in excess of $50,000, fine watches in excess of $20,000, and everything in between. We keep up to date in this constantly changing market and that’s one of the reasons we can usually “Pay More and Loan More” than our competition. So whether you need a loan or want to sell outright, we’re the ones to see!

Beware of “The Appraisal”

Most appraisals are worthless!!! Why? Because most are written by the person selling you the goods. Even if you had a third party appraisal it is still worthless. Appraisals are usually made for insurance purposes and even the insurance companies aren’t stupid enough to pay you the appraised value. At best you will get replacement value which will be much less. If you think we’re wrong, take your appraisal and item to any jewelry store and ask them what they will pay. You will be amazed. First of all, most jewelry stores won’t even buy back the items even if they sold them to you…and you will be lucky to get 20% on the dollar from those that will make an offer. When we tell you something is worth a certain price, we back it up with Instant Cash. 

Our Jewelry

We maintain a small but nice selection of jewelry. If we have something you need you can save a bundle by buying from us. Rest assured you are getting great value when buying from us. We don’t operate like the chain stores and a lot of the jewelry stores by marking everything up and then having a “phony” sale every other month. We only have one price and that’s our everyday “great” price!

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How does a pawn work?


Pawnshops offer collateral-based loans — meaning the loan is secured by something of value. You bring in something you own to Joe Flynn & Quality Pawn’s friendly staff for a quick and easy appraisal, we make you a loan or purchase offer better than you will get anywhere else, you leave with cash in your hand. It’s that quick and easy.

There is no bickering about loan rates because rates are governed by the state of Kansas. Kansas interest rates are HALF that of Missouri!! We will keep your item safe and secure for the length of the loan, or until you pick up your item.

About Us


Our Roots

Joe Flynn started in the rare coin business in 1957. By 1960 he was one of the largest mail order dealers in the country. Being one of the first dealers offering truly rare coins by mail and publishing monthly catalogs.

Over the years he has purchased many seven figure collections and estates and at one time or the other has bought and sold virtually every coin issued by the US mint.

Joe was president of the prestigious international professional numismatic guild (PNG) from 1979 thru 1981 and served on its board of directors from 1971 to 1979. He has also received many customer service awards from the various numismatic publications for his outstanding service as a mail order dealer.

Our Mission

In 1993 Joe decided to retire and sold his rare coin business. In 1997 he decided to buy a small coin shop for something to do. Getting bored with that he decided to open a pawn shop. The pawn business had always intrigued him and he felt he could take the pawn business to new and better heights. So in 2002 Joe bought a building and opened Quality Pawn.

Our Concept

Joe decided he would have four stores under one roof. A pawn shop, his rare coin and bullion business, a gun store, and a jewelry store. His reasoning was that all these businesses compliment each other. And guess what??? They do!!!

Experience a New Kind of Pawn

We really do try to “Loan More, Pay More, And Sell For Less”. We want you happy because if you are we get a good customer. Our staff is knowledgeable and we don’t need to “call an expert” because in most cases we ARE the experts. We will try to loan you the most possible money on your items. To be honest with you, the more we loan, the more we make.

When you want to sell, we will try to pay you the most money possible. We don’t offer consignments or excuses, just quick, hard cash. 

We always want to buy quality items, collections or estates. No deal is too large. We have never had to turn down a deal because of money.